Adventure Recap 2

Adventure Recap 2

The party leaves the inn and Spyra pays rent before setting out to the capital. While on the way to the capital Spawn and the “ranger” fail to make checks for being followed. A few hours before nightfall a band of goblins attack the party. The ranger takes a few hits from the enemies and retreats to the safety of the military guards. Spawn successfully is able to negotiate with some wild “lobos” (Dig the Spanish Cesar? Lol) Spawn and the “ranger” use the wolves to help defeat the goblins.

As a result of combat one of the young wolves is slain. Spawn sees this as an opportunity to get him and his party away from the military forces. The military is not moved to let him bring the whole party into the woods. While alone in the woods he is approached by another party of werewolves. He is able to ask for protection through the forest. They inform Spawn of a small elvish town buried deep in the forest that they are allied with. Spawn is able to relay this information to the elf ranger.

Sun Apr 26 Recap

Adventure Recap

The adventures were told of a political protest to be taken place in the town market. The group was caught in the middle of mob violence during a shopping outing. The adventurers were able to overcome almost a dozen adversaries with the help of the government militia. However, things took a turn for the worse when the party attempted to take on a well trained rebel.

Spawn was brought to near death and in his frenzy he had surprised the group by shifting into a wolf. He was spotted and picked out by the general of the army and was detained. The rest of the party objected but they were weak and greatly outnumbered. The adventurers head home to the cottage on the outskirts of the village where they attempt to nurse their fallen comrade to health. The military and the party will march towards the capital the following day.

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